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Monday to Saturday

9:00am till 6:00pm

Why Choose Us?

Romar Trading Has Been Proudly Serving The Aruba Community

Romar Trading has grown steadily over the years through the development of the brands that it represents and through the diversification of the segments in which it operates. Romar Trading grew beyond being solely a Spirits and Tobacco distributor in Aruba to the segments of Food, Homecare, and Health & Beauty

Hopi great.

Pedida a wordo procesa correcto bo ta haya updates(automatisa) djei e delivery ta bin y ta panele nechi riba mesa den cura cu tadestina pa esei den e tempo di e Pandemia aki.

Hopi thanks.

Saludos Otto

Otto Koridon
Romar Home delivery user

Very good and very fast

Delivery on the same day!

I thought it was on the next day

Gerald Bremer
Romar Home delivery user

Hii a happy customer here. This was my thirddelivery. Very easy to order, fast delivery! 

Raideline Bremo
Romar Home delivery user

Amazing experience. They called me within minutes after I placed my order to arrange delivery time. We agreed for 12 noon delivery. He was there at 12 sharp. Prices are much cheaper than buying from supermarkets. Will continue buying directly from Romar from now on.

Neely Consentino
Romar Home delivery user

About Us

Romar Trading


Romar carries premium beer brands such as Heineken, Amstel (which is our local alternative), Guinness and Coors Light. In the non-alcoholic beverage portfolio ROMAR represents the complete PepsiCo portfolio, Red Bull, Illy Italian Coffee and Vitamalt. The food and non-food portfolio of Romar Trading covers brands such as Frito Lay, Heinz, Campbells and Reynolds consumer products, amongst others.

Romar Trading has a growing segment dedicated to health & beauty care, representing brands such as Coppertone, Vogue and L’Oréal consumer products. Building upon ROMAR’s island wide distribution network, this segment also services the hotel mini markets on the island.

The activities of Romar Trading and Licores Aruba are not limited to sales and distribution; moreover, they act as the official representative for their brands, their activities involve the local brand development, marketing for the brands in the portfolio and building successful relationships with our consumers.